Communication ScienceUniversity of CologneEmail: zxu4 [at] uni-koeln.de
Keywords of research interest:
Humanitarian communicationPolitical communicationComputational journalismMedia systemsMedia audiencesComparative researchText-as-dataDigitization and algorithmization 
I have recently defended my doctoral dissertation pursuing research in humanitarian communication and journalism at the University of Cologne in Germany. I have been holding the position of Adjunct Lecturer in media and communication research at the University of Cologne until the end of 2023.
My primary research focus is to combine traditional social science methods with innovative computational techniques to investigate the effect of digital media, datafication, and artificial intelligence on political and public engagement concerning global humanitarian issues. Additionally, my research is dedicated to discovering ways to empower news consumers in identifying and countering online manipulative information, such as political disinformation and conspiracy theories. Both of these research areas primarily center on the lens of comparative analysis, aiming to explore commonalities and disparities within various media systems and journalism cultures. My work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, including Media, Culture & Society, International Communication Gazette, European Journal of Communication, Journalism, and International Journal of Communication
I have actively engaged in various international conferences, including ICA, IAMCR, and ECREA. I have also greatly benefited from scientific and methodological training provided by the Center for Data and Simulation Science at the University of Cologne, the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, the Summer Institute in Computational Social Science at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, the University of California Davis, and the University of Amsterdam.
I have had the opportunity to teach courses in data journalism, digital media, and empirical research methods at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in China and Germany. I earned an M.A. degree in Media Studies in the UK and a B.Eng. degree in Broadcast (Communication) Engineering in China. I serve as a reviewer for several international journals, as well as The Czech Science Foundation.